Passion for quality food and wines are in the heart of our restaurant. Pairing these two together in harmonious way is one of the key aspects of our philosophy. We want to offer you new experiences and different flavours. This is why we don’t have a set wine list in our restaurant. There are 200-300 different wines available through recommendation from white to red, dry to sweet and anything in between.

Wines are chosen mainly from countries around the Mediterranean, with few exceptions from elsewhere. The choices are based on the authenticity of the grapes and the process how the wine is made. We are mainly concentrated in wines that are made biodynamically or vegan wine making procedures. Biodynamic wines need more hand on work and the quality of the wine is more natural. You will have a genuine taste of the region and feel the origin of the grape. The main ideas for our wines consist of the 4V; vineyard, varietals, vintage and vintner. In our red wines we are focusing on beautiful aromas and large density. We like our red wines to be full bodied and to have long after taste.

Characters that are emphasized in our white wines are; floral to heavy toasted oak until buttery. Dry and crispy with a feel of freshness. We want them to match perfectly especially with our seafood dishes. Our sparkling wines will also be wonderful and changeable; Cremant, Cava and Champagne turn everyday life into a memorable celebration.

Come and enjoy our wines with our delicious food or just stop by for a drink to get a real taste of the Mediterranean.

See at Kuzina Wine and Daily!
The man behind our selection of wines, is one of Kuzina’s owners; Tiberius Stere: He is an award-winning sommelier that has years of experience in wines. Wines have been his passion already over 20 years and he hand selects all the wines himself.