Surprise yourself and your table by choosing a surprise menu. There are two different themes for surprise menus; land and sea. Our Sea of ​​surprise is made up of different kinds of seafood, while the Earth is more for meat lovers. A surprise menu is available in 4- and 5-course menus. Our own Sommelier has designed own wine packages for each one, which will complete the experience.

Surprise Menus Earth and Sea:

  • 4 courses for 55 €
    • Wine package 35 €
  • 5 courses for 60 €
    • Wine package 40 €

You can order surprise menus only in advance and at least 24 hours before your table booking. For the surprise menu you must have your table booked two hours before closing at the latest. When ordering menus please inform us from any food restriction. Your table can order either the sea or the land surprise menus as long as everybody has the same number of courses. The whole table doesn’t have to order the surprise menu, if some want to just enjoy the A la Carte list that is fine for us as well.

For more information, contact the restaurant or e-mail:

You can book your table from here.

Cancellations and changes to your reservation must be made 2 days before the start of the event. Non-reimbursed and post-canceled non-resold places will be charged afterwards 55-60 eur / chair according to your pre-ordered menu. The restaurant does not make credit reservations for credit cards. Payment of the places will be billed only if the cancellation or change of the person is not made by the deadline.